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Remel London is a Looking for Louis Competition Finalist!

December 7, 2021 | by Remel London

This summer I did something which is very unlike me and entered the Looking for Louis Competition launched by Triforce  creative network,  in association with Mindhouse, Amazon Studios and Edinburgh TV Festival.

I usually hate talent searches and competitions but I wanted to push myself as I’ve always had a passion for documentary making, Love Louis Theroux’s work and this was the Search for the Next Generation of On-Screen Documentary Talent, I had to give it a try and shoot my shot, and what a shot it was… I made it to the TOP 6!!!!

We were tasked to produce, self-shoot and edit a micro-documentary in just a week after our pitches were selected from over 600 entries. Our films were showcased at a live session with Louis Theroux at the Edinburgh TV Festival, which was incredible to know that he had seen my work and picked me to be a finalist out of so many!

This has truly inspired me to continue to develop my ideas, pitch to production companies and create my own content, so with that being said lookout for more of my content and work in 2022!