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5 reasons presenters NEED to be at #TheMainstream 22nd March

March 12, 2017 | by Remel London

The 10 day countdown begins!

I’m so excited to present and host #The Mainstream with special guest AJ Odudu.

The Mainstream is an exclusive Q&A and Networking event in association with FWOC.

If you’re interested in becoming a presenter, getting into the mainstream media industry and want to network with the next generation of creatives this is the event for you!

I decided to do this event mainly because I get a lot of emails, DM’s and also when I meet lovely presenters on the come up they always have questions. I don’t mean to toot my own horn but I would have loved to attend an event like this when I first started out… to be honest I’ll be taking notes and asking my own questions for advice too lol

So here are 5 reasons why upcoming presenters NEED to be at #TheMainstream.


I owe a few young ladies and gents a chat over coffee. As mentioned I do often get messages with questions asking about how to get into the Industry, requests to shadow me at an event or on a projects and it doesn’t always work out.

I also cringe at the thought of not being able to give enough time, the right answers or opportunities to someone. So I decided that it would be great to dedicate an evening for those in need!

2. My Special Guest is A PRO!

Like I said, I don’t have all of the answers, as I am also developing my craft and working my way into the mainstream so I thought it was only right that I enlist AJ Odudu as the first special guest to give her experience of working for the BBC, Channel 5 for Big Brother’s Bit on the side, ITV 2 and of course 4Music.

This is your opportunity to ask the questions and get some great advice.

3. Networking is KEY!

I’m really excited to not only have AJ join us on the night, but a number of presenters from TV, Radio, online, Fashion, Music and more joining us on the night.

This will be an opportunity to not online ask questions but also mingle with other presenters!

4. Meet the FWOC team!

The event is 100% open to men and women of all races, but I wanted to support and also partner with For Women Of colour on this occasion.

I recently worked with the team as a host at their live event discussing the representation of black women in the British media. At the event I instantly fell in love with the supportive team and I wanted to spread their positive message.

We will be discussing this topic on the night so get ready for a open and honest discussion!

5. HILLERY & SONS will be providing the BOOZE!

Yes it’s not networking unless theres alcohol! I don’t know it’s I’ve made this up or not but there will be complimentary drinks provided by the lovely Hillery and Son on the night!

Grab a ticket while you still can on and tell a friend to tell a friend that The Mainstream is not to be missed!!!