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@ArtAgainstKnive & @BritishRedCross #artforfirstaid Campaign

April 1, 2014 | by Remel London

The Youth Media Agency are supporting some amazing talent this year! This amazingly educational and descriptive animation, has given a new positive spin on Hoodies, in the aftermath of years of negative connotations and also how important it is to stay calm in a crisis!

Art Against Knives and The British Red Cross have teamed up with a group of
young people to co-create a film about First Aid.

This is one of many true stories of how simple First Aid steps can save a life.

It’s horrible to hear the facts that in London, around 400 people a month are injured in knife related attacks. 2013
saw the death of four teenagers within the first few months.

I can honestly say it makes me sick to know that there is still so much crime and violence leading the way in young people’s lives, however it is encouraging to know that things are getting somewhat better as the Office for National Statistics reported these types of crimes have dropped by 16%.

I think it is important to continue to share creative educational tools such as this, which encourages the need to
Know First Aid as an essential skill that can help prevent deaths.
Being able to act in an emergency could be the difference between you saving a friend or losing them.

I’ve been very close to a situation similar to this and it’s good to see how easy it is to save someone’s life by watching Chanel’s story.
Get involved on the conversation online by using the hashtag #artforfirstaid


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