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Calling all MC’s Swaggerville presents – THE CYPHER

April 11, 2012 | by Remel London

On Sunday May 13th “Swaggerville Presents” will be hosting a private Cypher session at the Open Ealing galleries, as part of a Hip Hop documentary that the team are currently putting together in celebration of the culture.  As a key part of the documentary this event will showcase the creativity behind the music that was at one point at the forefront of the culture, with a live cypher.


The Cypher

 Musically hip hop should require 3 elements, the Beat, the DJ & the Emcee. Some would argue that due to technology this is no longer the case, we would beg to differ as you still need all 3 for a live performance. The Cypher will celebrate the synergy of these 3 elements in their rawest forms.

Beat makers, DJ’s and Emcees if you are interested or know anyone who would beinterested in being part of The Cypher please send an mp3 or link to your work with contact details for yourself or management to by April 16th 2012.


Press & bloggers who would like to attend the day please send contact details to the same email address.

Attendance will be by invite only.