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Chip shows us what we’ll be missing when he moves to ATL

February 12, 2012 | by Remel London

This week I found out that our very own London born chip “diddy” CHIP – formerly known as Chipmunk will be starting a new life in Atlanta, Georgia USA .

But before he goes, he clearly wanted to show us all that he still is a good representative of #TEAMUK with his remix of Tyga’s Rack City.


Can’t go wrong with a bit of Chip. I noticed a couple of comments, some fans seemed to think he was taking a personal dig at Krept & Konan with regards to the critiques of their 4 million views Otis Video…. Was he talking about them? Will you still have love for Chip when he makes a move?




  • Ace burz |

    I think chip should take a break and pay tribute to all his u.k fans b4 he leaves