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February 7, 2014 | by Remel London

Premiered on Noisey, which is becoming one of my new favourites for finding new music, Rebel is the lead single from Ghetts’ forthcoming new album “Rebel with a Cause” out March 9th.

Since the release of Party Animal ft Kano, I have been intrigued to see the new direction of Ghett’s music, and I have to say I absolutely love it!

Now if i’m honest he was a little upset with me for not uploading the Party Animal video, I had my reasons, I know the video was about having a good times but I’m so sick of seeing half naked woman showing me their bits, but I love a song and video with a message and this is awesome!

We’ve always known Ghetts, formerly Ghetto, most recently known as Justin Clarke, was a bit of a Rebel, but this new political twist is fun. Showing he’s deeper than the underground rapper we used to know.. It’s not all hype ITS SERIOUS!!!

This song has a lot of potential, I see it going down the same route as Plan B’s Ill Manors track, I hope it goes that way in the charts too!

Rebel is available for free download upon pre-order of the album. So you know what to do!
Pre-order Ghetts “Rebel with a Cause”