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October 10, 2013 | by Remel London

The title for Giggs upcoming album couldn’t be more appropriate, as the police once again has cancelled Giggs first london show!

Myself and the Linkuptv team recently had Giggs on the Tuesday Night Link up team and to everyone’s delight he confirmed that his headline show at Under The bridge in Chelsea would definitely happen but to all of our disappointment it has been called off as Giggs explains in his public apology!

This isn’t the first time the police have intervened in the progress of one of the UK’s most loved rappers!

As reported in a recent interview with The Guide for the guardian, Giggs reveals that
“Around the time he was about to sign a record deal with XL, the Met’s Operation Trident infamously called the label to ward them off involvement with the rapper. XL ignored the threat and signed him anyway. In response, the police repeatedly forced the cancellation of his live shows”
It feels like we are right back to 2010 when his UK tour was also cancelled following police warnings.

To be honest I’m absolutely disgusted that such a positive sign of progression for a reformed “gangsta” is being refused.
I understand that he has a shady past, but as a father and professional artist that has turned his life around it’s a shame he can’t be given a chance. As captioned in the Guardian guide front page Yes GIGGS is a Wanted man but for all of the right reasons!

I’ve worked with so many urban organisations who have suffered the wrath of police victimisation, with claims that they are cancelling shows just hours before doors open, claiming the event is a high risk… in my opinion that’s BS! Do your job and protect us if you think there “MAY BE” a risk. There are a number of other organisations and genres that provide a high risk, but we’re the only ones that suffer.

It’s such a shame and all i can ask is that everyone supports Giggs with his new album OUT OCTOBER 14TH pre-order HERE