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Giggs – Mr Kool ft Anthony Hamilton (Official Video)

January 12, 2014 | by Remel London

Mr Kool has arrived in the form of Giggs.
The latest video release in the When will it stop collection has arrived, and it does exactly what it say on the tin, offers a high quality look of what it is like to be like Mr Kool.

Featuring international soul – man Anthony Hamilton, the glossy video watches Mr Hamilton arrive at what seems to be Giggs luxurious mansion and his greeted by “beautiful”, (i’m not parring, they might not be beautiful to everyone lol) classy well dressed women at a pool party that looks like it’s about to pop off!

I absolutely love the sophisticated, gentleman by day but gangsta by night apporach that Giggs is taking with his music and I wish him continued success for 2014!