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Is Robin Thicke Cheating on his wife or just living the superstar life?

January 21, 2014 | by Remel London

Ok I’m not one to speculate or pass on rumours, but this guy, and by this guy I mean Robin Thicke, just seems to be a little too friendly with his fans and friends.

Let’s cast our minds back to 2013, not too long ago, but so much was happening in the Thicke world, it could have been missed, not easily but you never know.

robin and fanSo exhibit A shows Robin Thicke what seems to be, harmlessly taking a picture with  ‘a little worse for wear’ fan. It all looked lovely, and the lost without you star looked pretty together, until publications of the fan photo highlighted that Robin Thicke was totally aware of his surroundings with the help of his hand  which made it’s way very close, and let’s be honest ON the young adoring fans bottom.

Automatically this rang alarm bells, that maybe all wasn’t well in the Thicke household. But apparently his mega hot hollywood actress wife – Paula Patton was the photographer for the night and was “Apparently” cool with it.

I’m flinging some serious side eye their way because I don’t believe that for a minute!


I definitely don’t see why she would let him get away with it… Maybe she is trying to move on, forgive & forget, see it as boys will be boys and leave it all in 2013. But no no no it doesn’t stop there. Mr Thicke is keeping up with the Sleaze in 2014 too.


robin 4  robin3 robin1

Now it’s definitely wrong of us all to accuse Robin of doing anything, but a picture tells a thousand words. He seems to be enjoying himself and partying a little too hard with this mystery woman in Paris!

Literally the name Sleazeball does come to mind, but we musn’t  judge, it was loud they had to be  close to chat….

The music was good… they had to embrace to enjoy it all…

It was… oh I don’t know… I’m not making excuses. I hope the night ended with a hand shake and a quick goodbye because again the alarm bells must be ringing in Paula’s face and we’re all screaming WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT THIS?


So I’m throwing this question out to you?

Is it harmless fun for a married man to have some sexy dance floor time with a stranger? Or is it down-right divorceable?