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Justin Bieber – Confident OFFICIAL VIDEO, Arrests, deportation and more

February 1, 2014 | by Remel London

This is the first time I actually give a damn about Justin Bieber. Not in the Belieber Fan-girl type of way… but not only is he churning out TUNEEESSS but he’s in a whole lot of trouble! SMH

Amongst getting arrested, handing himself in to the police and being accused of all sorts of drug related drama, he has still managed to promote his recent single and drop this bad boy video lol
No pun intended!

A few weeks back his house was raided after his neighbour accused him of egging his house, whilst the house was being raided the police found numerous drugs from weed to pills and crazy concoctions my mind cannot even comprehend lol (its not funny but it’s that bizarre) landing his hottie of a friend  Lil Za in jail for drug possession, ( I have no idea how Justin got away with that one ). Lil Za has also been charged with three felony charges since the incident it was revealed today.

Justin was recently arrested for DUI – Driving under the influence. He was allegedly drag racing in Florida, assisted by his friends and allegedly his father who helped to block off the roads for the race!justin arrested

And just the other day he was forced to turn himself into the police, after being accused of assaulting his Limo Driver in late December.

It’s TOTALLY got out of hand. Initially it was a story of child stars gone  bad… but now it’s What we he be charged with next!

Apparently in the United States of America, there is a law that if a petition is signed by 100,000 people a foreigner ( as Justin is Canadian and considered not to be a citizen) can be deported from the US once authorised by the White House.  Well that petition got signed and has been sent off and is in the hands of the White House officials….

However, The US president has no power to order an individual’s deportation, and it is unclear whether the White House will respond to the petition.

I don’t even know if I feel sorry for Justin right now. A lot of the drama is down to misguidance from his parents, and being too young, dumb and loaded with more money than sense.

But hey he’s gorgeous he’ll bounce back and probably get a slap on the wrist.

But what do you think?

Should Justin be punished and made an example of? Or does he deserve another chance, rehab, guidance and support?