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Kanye West gives Blue Ivy a Lullaby for her 2nd birthday!

January 12, 2014 | by Remel London

blue ivy jungle

Pahahahaha Kanye West is getting all sentimental on us… well not us but allegedly he has written a lullaby as a birthday present for little Blue Ivy. She celebrated her birtday in style on 7th January at a Wild Life park her parents Beyonce and JayZ rented ou forthe day… yes the whole park which must have cost a pretty penny. And then you have uncle K West who didn’t buy but wrote and produced her a lullaby…. erm…. could have got her some toys to go with it… Kanye’s sounding cheap lol

A close source to Kim Kardashian revealed

“So he decided he would write and record a lullaby especially for her. It won’t be released, it’s just for Blue. He hopes it’ll help send her off to sleep at night.”

“It’s really catchy and slow. Rather than the usual sweet dreams-themed lullaby songs, Kanye raps about how Blue Ivy and Nori will be mega powerful when they’re older. It also mentions how him and Jay-Z will work hard to make sure their girls have an easier path than they did.”

I can’t even imagine what it sounds like.

When I think of Kanye West now all I think of his crazy rants, “You aint got the answers” outbursts and the infamous Stage scream

Well Im sure Blue Ivy got more than enough presents to not be too bothered that Kanye’s gift is designed to not be heard but put her to sleep. Thanks a lot Uncle K.

P.s Can Beyonce buy Blue Ivy a comb for her birthday, I’m loving the little baby swag but why does her hair look so matted? poor baby!

What do you think, Was that a bad gift from Uncle Kanye or a sweet gesture?