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Lady Gaga ft R.Kelly – Do what you want (AUDIO)

October 25, 2013 | by Remel London

Probably one of the oddest collaborations i’ve heard in a while, but funnily enough it doesn’t sound took bad!

Maybe I’ve been brainwashed into thinking this could do well, but a duet between RnB King and Lady Gaga isn’t so far fetched, she’s worked with Beyonce, Kendrick lamar… hey why not get really funky on this one! And please don’t think i’m crazy for saying this… but I feel like she tried to channel that SHAMONE Michael Jackson vibe as well… I don’t know maybe like i said, working in a highly pop-pumping environment and hearing some of the biggest pop hits for hours on end repeatedly ¬†each day can take your music tastes to a whole new place!

All i can say is, based on the artwork… the video is probably going to be VERY SAUCY!!!