Mahalia is Remel London’s ONE TO WATCH!

Posted on Wednesday, April 4th, 2012

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Mahalia gave an amazingly jaw dropping performance at I luv live last night and literally stole the show!

The 14 year old star honest to god had the complete attention of a what some might describe as a hard to please I luv live crowd!

The usuallly cheekily disruptive crowd fell silent as soon as the first note left her mouth!

Chills ran up my arms and I shhhhh’d anyone that tried to distrub this amazing moment lol

That is why Mahalia is my ONE TO WATCH!


Mahalia is another reason why I luv live is the number one spot for breaking new homegrown talent!

Do not miss the next event @ XOYO on Monday 23rd April.





Ones to watch!

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