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Meet The Tucker’s – #RHOA @Kandi WEDDING – INSPIRATION!

July 9, 2014 | by Remel London

This morning I finally had the chance to catch up on Kandi’s Wedding Episode 5 and yes it was the final instalment and the big day!

If you are totally unfamiliar with this series let me break it down…
Kandi’s wedding is a realty TV series produced by BRAVO and is in fact a spin of to the Real Housewives of Atlanta.
Kandi is a multi millionaire, entrepreneur and oh so fabulous Business woman who started out her career as a singer in Xscape and famously penned TLC’s famous no scrubs as a songwriter.

After numerous love battles she is finally settling down and has fallen head over heels for TV producer Todd Tucker who she met whilst filming RHOA!

So back to the big day! I was ABSOLUTELY BLOWN AWAY! With only 5 weeks prep as she demanded that her wedding MUST take place on 04/04/2014 to make it memorable her team definitely put down one heck of a wedding!

The theme was Coming to America so yes there were lions and African dancers who smashed it but
What really stole the show for me other than Kandi’s fabulous dress but the family unity on the day!

Kandi and Todd exchanged wedding rings but the bit that stole my heart was the sharing of rings with both of their daughters. Kandi’s daughter Riley and Todd’s daughter Kayla both received their own rings to show they are truly a new family! I sincerely BALLED my eyes out lol

Now then there’s Kandi’s mother – MAMA JOYCE! Well she was definitely on Diva form and looked amazing, however, the drama that she had been stirring up for weeks didn’t stop for the wedding day.
She basically hates Todd and thinks he’s out to steal her… Oops I mean “Kandi money”…. Pfft girl please he has his own money. But anywho for weeks she has been causing beef with anyone that tries to defend Todd, but finally through gritted teeth she didn’t object at the wedding lol and even said a few words! But she also threw a lot of Shade at Todd’s mum, Todd’s daughter and obviously Todd himself which a lot of people noticed but because it was the big day it was brushed aside and they still has a fabulous wedding!

I’m totally inspired and of course I’m in no rush to get married but I definitely took down some notes.

Can you believe there were killer performances from Q Parker, Musiq Soulchild and BEL BIV DEVOE! It was mental and Coming to America’s famous song “Queen to be” was sung live for Kandi’s entrance! Lol YES LORD IT WAS ON POINT!

Check it out for yourself HEREĀ 

20140709-091303 am-33183269.jpg

Guess which one is Mama Joyce loool