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NEW COMEDY SHOW starring Angie Lemar!!!

January 22, 2013 | by Remel London

Meet The Ryan sisters!!!

The Ryan Sisters is a situation comedy following the relationship between three very close sisters. On the face of it, they seem quite together, with varied trappings of success. Beneath the idyllic exterior lies a group of women who are just like any other woman stepping through their expectations and insecurities in what life has to offer.
Their relationships like any other family, is fraught with sibling rivalry, jealously and competition. There is also an unshakeable bond between them that despite the rivalry, pins them together. However there are external influences and differences in character that make their relationships with each other a real rollercoaster.

Starring one of my role models Angie Le Mar alogside Ellen Thomas, Tanya Moodie, Somalia Seaton, Melanie Cameron, Eddie Nestor, Kim Woodburn

Check out Episode 1! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!

I can not wait for the second episode!!!