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New Music: Beyonce – Bow Down / I Been on (AUDIO)

March 18, 2013 | by Remel London


Beyonce is OFFICIAL back with her first official Promo track and she’s done what she set out to do… she’s got everyone talking about her!

However is it for the right reasons?

The track is entitled Bow Down and seems to be Beyonce’s approach to Trap music with a hint of Rachet hitting back at all of her haters.

Some are saying we shouldn’t take it too seriously… it’s just a bit of fun… It’s a great track and she’s moving with the times…

I beg to differ! Listen to this!

Beyonce has become the respectful, proud mother and friend to the stars. The perfect clean cut all American girl image. I’ve always thought she was quite humble… errrrr WRONG!!!

She’s calling out all of her haters and she’s bringing the attitude with it.

I can understand she’s letting out all of her emotions through song, hey that’s what music should be all about. but you can’t bounce between good girl and Rachet that easily can you?

Leave it to Rihanna and Azaelia Banks. They are the professional rachet bitches!