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NEW VIDEO : @MaxineAshley Guerilla

October 3, 2014 | by Remel London

Considering I haven’t got a clue what this Maxine is on about, this is a bit of a banger!
The beautiful Pharrell Prodigee, Maxine Ashley, has embraced her Puerto Rican roots to bring this bassy new track produced by the great Pharrell and is subtly twerking her way into the limelight. (If you saw it, yes the twerk was very subtle lol)

The song ‘Guerrilla’ is taken from the forthcoming film ‘Trash’ a film about two trash-picking boys from the Rio slums who’s lives dramatically change after finding a wallet.
Sounds interesting enough right!

Well this looks like it’s set to be a huge movie, therefore I think this track is set to be equally as huge. I mean the fierceness of Maxine combined with the genius that is Pharrell, I see big things popping!