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Nick Cannon adds to the Nicki Minaj vs Mariah Carey DIVA BEEF

October 4, 2012 | by Remel London

“My wife is strong, classy and maintains her strengths!” JHEEEEZE! hubby right there!

So Nick Cannon speaks out about his boo Mariah Carey beefing with Nicki “Drama Queen” Minaj.

I think it’s a bit awkward that he’s talking about it, but i RESPECT him for defending his wife and talking sense.

I still stick to my initial belief that Nicki is all talk and nothing else. Mariah is the ultimate DIVE B*itch she’s not fazed!

Sources say that Nicki Minaj s convinced producers  are conspiring with Mariah to piss off Nicki to make good TV.

I doubt this, she’s a drama queen she’s most likely to be the one to go off on one. Mariah is sooooo not interested. She’s clearly speaking her mind and getting on with the show as Nick so honestly pointed out. she has baby Diaper’s to think about not Nicki Minaj losing her Wig in a silly argument.

These are my views what are yours?