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Nicki Minaj, Cassie – The Boys (Explicit)

October 19, 2012 | by Remel London

I wasn’t a big fan of the song at first, but this new video has actually sold it for me. I don’t know why but maybe it’s because the girls look hot. Cassie who has become an instagram star has jumped back on the music wave. Not really singing but gets away with it as she has a habit of looking good ALL of the time!

Her braless blue suit was AMAZEBALLS, but the thong swim suit shocked me! I didn’t think she had it in her to show off all of that booty like that… but when your cheek to cheek with Nicki Minaj it kind of makes sense!

Nicki Minaj as always laid it all bare and also impressed me with her extensive collection of variations of lace front wigs!

Overall i like the song and definitely feeling the video!

The girls were looking H.O.T! the B.O.Y.S will definitely keep their attention on this video!