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Ready for Croatia 2016?

July 5, 2016 | by Remel London

Have you seen the weather in London recently?

Yeah I’m out mate haha
I may have went away already this year, but in my eyes I am way overdue a holiday!

So I’m off to Croatia this July for the Hip hop fuelled Fresh Island Festival! I haven’t been on a party holiday in a while so I’m trying to brace myself! The plan is not too much alcohol, but instead to soak up as much sun as possible… or maybe an equal amount of both lol

I’m really excited to get back to Croatia, as I ended the Summer of 2015 on a high, by travelling across the beautiful country in association with Girls Talk London, courtesy of Luxury Travel Company Cro – Exclusive.

This holiday was a life changing experience for me. Last year was really tough, I felt like I wasn’t getting anywhere in my career and this escape from the media world came at the perfect time.

The beauty and serenity of Croatia was soothing for my soul, I know I may sound like I’m getting a bit soppy but it was a new opportunity to find myself!

I decided from this point onwards, I’m going to go away as much as possible, have fun and make sure no matter what

I do what I love and Love what I do!

This holiday also allowed me to pursue new adventures and discover a new world of travel blogging for the future.

I slept in a Ti-pi on a ranch, went Horseback riding, mountain climbing and cave exploring as well as experiencing the high life in a private plane, jet skiing and Villa Living!

It’s all good talking about it but I’m sure you want to see it too, so here is my throwback Croatia VLOG.

Although this year I won’t be travelling with Cro- Exclusive, ( 😑 yeah I know I’m gutted) I’m looking forward to just getting a well deserved break – whilst the EU is still available to us lol

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