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Ready for the weekend? 5 reasons you should try Junkyard Golf Club London

March 24, 2017 | by Remel London

Junk yard

If you’re ever having a dull day I’ve got the perfect remedy for you.

Junkyard Golf Club London officially reopened early March at the Old Truman Brewery, Brick Lane and this week I finally grabbed some time to head down and get my crazy golf on and it was soooo much fun!

Here are 5 reasons why you should check out The Junk Yard LDN.


Yes you saw right! I’ve played some crazy golf in my time – #Throwback to The Remel London show Season 1  but it makes the experience all the more interesting when there is alcohol involved.

Lots of fun flavours to choose from and it definitely makes the round of gold more interesting lol

2. The Food and drinks are CHEAP!

Although there isn’t a huge selection what they have available is reasonable.

Their Party drinks a.k.a Cocktails are £7.50 and bar snacks suck as Nachos, Pic ‘n’ mix sweets, hot dogs and popcorn range from £2 – £3.50.

3. Choose YOUR favourite course!

Junkyard Golf Club is has four courses:

Pablo transports players from a treehouse, past a deep-cave-bear-wrestling-cage via a Rihanna themed forest, obviously. Not to mention a stopover at Rio-On-Sea.

Bozo is not for the fainthearted given its circus freak inhabitants. Winner takes all in Junkyard’s dark homage to all things carnival. A Ferris wheel, hall of mirrors and some damn scary clowns – time to run away from the circus.

Gary is firmly implanted in Junkyard’s roots, a good old-fashioned scrapyard challenge. Tyre loop-the loops, a salvaged slide, Gary’s UV garage rave and more.

These new courses on the block join the previously installed Blockbuster-themed forth course, Bruce.



My boyfriend and I decided to give Gary a try and boy were we satisfied!

It was challenging, exciting, well designed and EVEN HAD A SLIDE! What more can a girl ask for!

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4. PERFECT Date Night! 

Although the course and game can be great in a group of up to 6 players, I think its a great night out for two. Me and the mister love a good old bit of competition and of course a fun way to spend time together after work. The Junkyard team  also suggest splitting larger groups into smaller teams for ease of getting around the course. So pick your teams wisely lol

5. EVERYBODY is welcome! 

The Junkyard has great deals for students on Mondays and Tuesday, Large group offers and Under 18s who are welcome Sunday to Wednesday before 7pm.
Mon / Tues / Wed / Sun £9.50 per person
Thurs / Fri / Sat £11.50 per person

For more info on booking a trip and ticket info go to


Check it out and let me know your thoughts – Enjoy the weekend!