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Remel London at The 2016 Arqiva Commercial radio awards!

June 24, 2016 | by Remel London

Back in May I was invited to the Arqiva Commercial radio awards. I also had the pleasure of presenting an award!

Yep a bit of a big deal for me considering I’m not on commercial radio and don’t consider myself commercial at all. My initial thoughts were – Why me… then it was HELL YEAH they asked ME 💃🏾

It was such an amazing experience considering my journey through radio that I’m still chugging along on.

A little history for those that don’t know…

Dating back to 2008 I started my journey on student radio with a temp show called Funky Munky on LSRFM at the University of Leeds – played funky house because i sincerely lived and breathed it!

Then through pure hustle and bustle I secured a show on Pirate radio in Leeds on Fresh FM. I was and still do rep pirate radio with pride lol ✊🏾

Upon my return to London I learnt the ropes, which I would advise everyone to do at community radio – shout out BANG Radio and westside radio for the serious air miles!

I then forced my foot into Choice FM, under the global umbrella, and got my first taste of commerical radio, by Go’d grace, I honestly don’t know how I moved across to Capital FM – the real commercial world!

2 years of 6am coffee runs was well.. an experience.

I now am on my journey as a COVER GIRL at BBC Radio 1Xtra and so I was extremely excited to see this cover girl featured in the Mail Online!

Arquiva awards 2016
Remel London wearing Boohoo at The Arqiva Commerical radio awards 2016.

So I’ve officially been pappzd! I hope this is the start of many more 😌