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Remel London, Bukki, Delyse Williams and ODF get #PAPPZD

August 28, 2012 | by Remel London

This weekend I had the pleasure of attending the Love Afrobeats Festival and I knew  for certain I had to go in style!

I had the pleasure of wearing an essemble designed by Bukki who also helped style me THANK GOD! lol

With one of the latest Bukki vintage jackets, ( also avaialable on and in the flagship TopShop store) teamed up with Jewellery designed by Delyse Williams whilst adding  the new ODF shades. I was quite impressed so as you do took a few snaps and put them on instagram ( R.IP to my iPhone that was stolen at carnival KMT).


These pics then ended up on the pappzd site. OH GARSH! lucky for me they had some wonderful compliments and even quoted “Get Remel’s look” awww I feel special.


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