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Remel London Takes Morocco

June 24, 2016 | by Remel London

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This year I decided I wanted to make the most of my youth and freedom, before I settle down, have some youngens and take on adult responsibilities, (even though i’m sure this is still years away 👀)  by travelling as much as possible.

First on the travel list for 2016 was Morocco. I had heard so much about the beautiful African country and decided it was time I take a visit and soak in the culture myself!

Armed with my camera “Digital Deb” and my homie Kisha, we ventured to Marrakech for a week long escape.

Whilst in Morocco I learnt a lot about the culture, but also a lot about myself. I thought I was a hustler and could talk my way out of anything…. Booooyyy was I wrong!


I got HUSTLED on my first day by a street vendor. SMH but I always see the silver lining as it made great content for my first Morocco VLOG lol – How NOT to get ripped off in Morocco! 

Of course I learnt from my mistakes and learnt  How to haggle in Morocco!  👏🏾 which seems to have been of use to a lot of people planning a trip for themselves!

Take a look at some of my Top Travel tips for Morocco 2016 and highlights!

Celebrating Kisha’s Birthday at the Riu Tikida Garden Hotel Restaurant.









Camel riding in Marrakech.








Climbing the cascade d’ouzoud waterfalls in Marrakech.









Visiting the Bahia Place in the Old City, Marrakech.

















If you are planning a trip to Morocco and have any questions about some of my experiences feel free to COMMENT below.

Happy Travels.