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Rihana has a HUGE NEW TATTOO!

January 12, 2014 | by Remel London

I honestly didn’t know Rihanna had over 20 Tattoo’s on her body and boy oh boy the new one won’t be missed by anyone.

rih tat

I feel like a bit of a granny here, but OMG its huge. After careful deliberations and conversations with myself about the thought of getting a tattoo, I’ve decided sometimes they just aren’t the right thing to do. 1) it seems like everyone that thinks they are cool have forced themselves to cover up in tattoos, 2) sometimes especially on women they can take you from lady to tacky really quickly and 3) what on earth will this look like when you’re old and wrinkly? To be honest I didn’t realise she had huge tattoos all over her hands as well. I haven’t really taken much notice or cared before, but I can only think, why and what do they mean or symbolise. But…. who cares its Rihanna. You can kind of tell that she is passed the point of caring, when it comes to shocking people in the press and her physical appearance and experimentation.

But although she is starting to look like another one of those ink covered music artists, shes not all monster loll ( no offence tatted up people) it’s nice to see she  has a heart, as not to long after getting the tattoo, she was spotted greeting an adoring fan with a big hug!  probably wanted the hug more than the little girl lol

rhi fan

awww to the hug… eurgh to the tattoo.

Are you a fan of Rihanna  and her a new tattoo?