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SHOW N PROVE talks MY PEOPLE, his Celebrity Dad and Predicts the Lord of the mics Battles

December 11, 2013 | by Remel London

A head of the release of the monster track that is “MY PEOPLE”, I met up with the Scottish born producer Show N Prove to talk all things UK Music, his possible secret Celebrity Dad and Lord of the Mics Controversy!


photoFirst things first, we had to discuss the thoughts, beats and bars behind MY PEOPLE.

We met In a very edgy, music inspired and well cultured, Universal Records meeting room, where I kicked off by asking Mr Show N Prove about the beats and bars behind his music.

As a follow up to his energetic and catchy Zimma Frame release earlier this year, Show N Prove explains that My People is introducing everyone to more of his unique sound, production and making sure that the ravers are staying in the club full of energy. He went on to say that you can’t really put his music in a box when trying to give it a genre or a style, as far as the production and sonics go, but he emphasises strongly that when you strip it back, its all about the energy it gives to the listener.

Show N Prove definitely has a unique sound that is working for him, but I always like to know where the music really came from.  As well as being a sick producer, Show N Prove, first got into music as a dj. Nowadays you can often find him supporting Maxsta as his official DJ, but what a lot of you don’t know, is that being behind the decks is a key part of his music making career. As a teenager he could cheekily be found messing around and eventually mixing and sampling beats together using his mum’s Vinyl’s.  By the sounds of it, Mummy Show N Prove had a very varied collection of records from Soul to Punk and he went on to pretty much list them all.

What was in Show N Prove’s first DJ Vinyl Box?
SHOW N PROVE INTERVIEW – What music was in his first DJ Box? by Remel London

Now I’m sure Show N Prove was interested in a lot more music than just what was in his mother’s record box. Growing up he listened to purely hip hop, and we’re talking serious throwback, backpack hip hip, and straight up gangsta SH*T! lol what he described as the golden era fuelled by artists such as Wu – Tang, Mobb  Deep and Biggie.

But being all the way up in Scotland, in a nation and time where UK music was dominated by dance and house music, we discussed how accessible his favourite genre of hip hop really was to him growing up.

Show N Prove explains how he learnt about music -Tim Westwood is like my Dad!

It’s always interesting to find out how music travels, and I’m sure a lot of artists can agree that getting your music out there can be very tricky.  But Show N Prove explained that  by being a music supporter to an actively, regularly played music producer, he used networking and basically being in people’s face’s to get his music heard, as although we have the internet, it takes more than just sending a couple of emails.

Everyone knows that London is one of the central points for spreading UK music and we joked that there’s no shame in hopping on a mega – bus for those cheap £1 journeys. But Scotland is nearly 400 miles away and although he wasn’t keeping tabs on funding for his promoting his music, it’s been very expensive. He went on to say  “A train journey from London to Edinburgh is a lot more than you think… I’m talking well into 4 figures… I’ve spent thousands on travel!”

By the sounds of it it’s been a very expensive road into the music industry, however, it’s definitely paying off and exposed him to new networks, encouraged a lot of collaborations and broadened his music tastes.

I thought this was the perfect opportunity to find out who he’s feeling at the moment and pick his brain about some of the music artists of 2013.

In the vocals department, Show N Prove is a big fan of R&B and 2012 Mobo Award winner  – Rachel Kerr, who he has been working with for many years. He also added, 19 year old British Singer, songwriter and musician King Krule to his favourite singer list. Definitely an eclectic mix.

In terms of his favourite MC’s, he spanned from across the waters with rapper Action Bronson, who he has been following for a while and then hit back with some of the UK fave’s such as Maxsta, Benny Banks and Cas.

As expected I knew his homie Maxsta would be in amongst his favourite MC’s of the moment list, However in the lead up to the release of the highly anticipated Lord of the Mics 5 Clashes, ( due for release 16th December) I wanted to know his predictions of his friends such as




<CLIP – Show N Prove’s Lord of The Mics Predictions – Lord of the Mics Predictions 
SHOW N PROVE INTERVIEW – Lord Of The Mics Predictions by Remel London

The Lord of the Mics team as well as many other artists have caused a perfect amount of buzz and got the whole industry talking about clashes over the last few months, to prove who is the best MC of 2013. And so I thought it was only right, to ask a producer who plans to work with only the best in the UK – if he could create his own SHOW N PROVE clash list who would be on it?

When I asked him if he agreed with Wiley’s twitter statement, to find the best MC in the UK, Skepta should clash with Devlin, Show N Prove gave a very eager response.

 SHOW N PROVE FANTASY MC CLASH LIST – Skepta v Devlin v Dot Rotten? 
SHOW N PROVE INTERVIEW – FANTASY CLASH LIST – Skepta V Devlin V Dot Rotten by Remel London

But Show N Prove wasn’t so eager to join in on the Clash hype when he turned down the opportunity to take part in the Lord of the Beats Clash a few months back. He Explained why he WOULD NOT CLASH.

Why SHOW N PROVE WOULD NOT  do Lord of the beats 
SHOW N PROVE INTERVIEW – Why Show N prove would not do Lord of the beats by Remel London

Without the need of a clash, Show N Prove has definitely proven himself as a worthy producer and DJ and as his roster of talented collaborations continue to increase and develop.  I can’t wait to see and hear more of what Show N Prove has got to offer for 2014!