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Sway – Still Sway & Kane – Ft. Kano & Tigger Da Author OFFICIAL VIDEO

February 20, 2013 | by Remel London

I was wondering what happened to this video… WELL IT’S BACK!

Reuniting two of the most respected wordsmiths in the UK after they joined forces on the ‘Still Speedin” remix, this track also features and introduces Tigger Da Author, a singer-songwriter recently signed to Sway’s Dcypha Productions label. Inspired by one of Sway’s favourite producers and rap legend, Dr Dre, ‘Still Sway & Kane’ covers the hip-hop classic ‘Still D.R.E’.

shhhh… don’t judge me, but ¬†if i’m honest,I didn’t even realise it was a sample until i read the video info but it all makes sense now.¬†Especially after a chance meeting in London with Dre himself, Sway took it as a sign to complete the demo freestyle and release it as a promotional single. Delivering an undeniably fresh and hard-hitting UK take on one of the most recognised songs in rap history.