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The Perfect Headphones for the gym @bose

July 1, 2014 | by Remel London

Today I received possibly the most comfortable set of headphones that I have ever worn.

A big thank you to the social networking site WhoSay, who literally set me up for an offer I couldn’t refuse. In a bid to advertise the new range at Bose they gifted me with the wonderfully packaged Bose FreeStyle earbuds.
20140701-092140 pm-76900498.jpg

To be honest at first I was a little skeptical, as in the past inner ear headphones have never been my thing. The additional ear bud tips either won’t stay on and annoyingly get lost, or the ear piece doesn’t fit my what seem to be unusually small ears or they break really easily *cough iPhone headphones* KMT.

So I thought I would give these bad boys the ultimate test AT THE GYM!!!

To my delight they are PERFECT!
Now check this they are comfy beyond your imagination and no matter what you do, cos trust me I was doing jumping jacks, jogging, and generally going HAM in the gym and they didn’t budge. That’s thanks to the “StayHear” tip attachment which comes In Small, medium and large to fit even my strangely small ears.

20140701-094536 pm-78336329.jpg

It’s also iphone, iPod and iPad compatible so I quickly was able to switch from musical enjoyment to a quick phone call with the press of a button.
Seriously BOSE is BOSSING IT right now!

20140701-093546 pm-77746456.jpg

I don’t know how I managed to co-ordinate my gym kit with the headphones but hell yeah that’s another brownie point lol

The FreeStyle earbuds are priced between £80 – £120 but if you want great quality, with great sound as well as a comfortable design I highly recommend these new headphones.

Look out for the Bose FreeStyle range and if you do try them pass on the message with #ListenForYourself.