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Top 5 drinks you NEED to taste! #ImbibeLive review!

July 6, 2016 | by Remel London

I kicked off my week in a very unconventional way – getting drunk! lol

On Monday 4th July along with my partner in crime I attended a brilliant day of wine, champagne, spirits and cocktails tasting at the Imbibe Live event at Kensington Olympia.

Imbibe Live is described as the innovative and interactive annual exhibition for anyone who sources, buys or serves drinks in the licensed on-trade.

Now although I’m not in the drinks trade, I did see an opportunity to network and possibly find brands to collaborate with for upcoming events, future projects and also tantalise my tastebuds with some new grown up drinks lol.

Check out my Top 5 drinks you NEED to try!


Luxe Belaire

1) Have you heard of Belaire?

Well if you’ve watched any Rick Ross video you probably would have seen one of these sexy black bottles floating around.

I’m a huge lover of Rosé so I had to get myself a little taste and I must say Belaire is the ting! But i’ve got to give DJ Khaled his props for endorsing the NEW Belaire Luxe Champagne, which is possibly the smoothest and tastiest champagne I have ever had!

I made some connections with key members of the team, so we’ll see what the future holds for my Belaire Champagne life ahead.

Bottega lounge


Bottega bottles

2) Bottega was striking to me. I’m such a girl sometimes lol These shiny, diamond encrusted bottles were more than appealing to me. My boyfriend of course teased me for this, but I know what I like! *shrugs*


I tasted three of the Bottega bubbly’s. Bottega Diamond, Bottega Gold and Bottega Moscato Rosé . I loved the Moscato, to be honest anything Moscato is a favourite of mine. It was sweet tasting and added to the sparkling presentation.


Rhuby 2







3) I think i’m love with Rhubarb!

I never knew how much I liked this moorish flavour until I tasted Rhuby a Halewood Rhubarb Liqueur. Again its probably because it tended to my sweet tooth and looks so classy I instantly fell in love. Highly recommended as the perfect mix with White Rum I will definitely be on the hunt for some more Rhuby! It just rolls off of the tongue doesn’t it!


4) Next up is Chambord. I’ve seen this drink advertised ALOT, but it’s takes more than a sexy advert to get me to go out and buy something new, so i’m glad I got a try before you buy taster lol.

Chambord is a black raspberry liqueur which often gets used in cocktails. The Imbibe live events team representing Chambord went the extra mile and made a prosecco and Chambord drink which was to die for 👌🏾. It was fancy, fresh and is definitely on my drinks list for the future!


And finally if you’re all a little drunk from trying out all of my tasty champagne and liqueur suggestions I’ve got a soft drink alternative to sober you up!


5) Bundaberg!

I first stumbled across this drink in Shoreditch. Last summer they were handing out the ginger beer flavour.

I really enjoy ginger beer, so when I also saw Bundaberg in my local off licence I snapped it up and was able to taste the Root beer flavour.

I was stunned to see so many other flavours at the Imbibe event.

My boyfriend asked the Bundaberg team a really sensible question… Why have we never seen these other flavours and they simply said it was because there isn’t a demand for it and they don’t sell.

So I’m here to tell you these other flavours are incredible and we have to do something about this!

The lemon and lime bitters flavour was so refreshing and to my delight the non alocholic Apple Cider was orgasmic! Like seriously I was ENJOYING the Bundaberg experience.

So I definitely will keep my eyes peels for more Bundaberg bargains.

Other honourable mentions for drinks I would highly recommend are below.

Old J spiced rum
Old J Spiced Rum
bottle green
Bottle Green

bottle green promo







I had a great time at the Imbibe event so thank you to the team as well all of the exhibitioners providing us with amazing alcohol and refreshing soft drinks!