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TOP 5 TIPS : Becoming a TV/ Radio Presenter

January 10, 2018 | by Remel London

Honestly, I haven’t got the foggiest idea of where to start with this… but I’m going to give it my best shot.

I know how hard it is to start out as a presenter… heck I’m still starting out as a presenter even though I’m over 10 years in. But it’s never too late to get a little bit of advice from a friend!
That’s me… your friend lol

I started a thread on Twitter with a few steps on how to get started as a presenter and I thought I would elaborate and go a little more in-depth with this handy little blog post.


TIP 1.

I know that’s an easy answer to something that has no clear guideline but sometimes you have to speak and pray things into existence.

Funny story… I had very little experience when I first started hosting events and doing online shows etc. But I’ve always had heart, passion and I was GASSED! I told everyone I was a presenter before I actually was a presenter and having that confidence in myself made all the difference when it came to winging it… And winging it turned into an experience which then became skill.


So honestly grab any and every opportunity that comes your way.

TIP 2.

In my final year of uni, whilst studying broadcast journalism ( oh yeah I have a degree in this ish lol) we had a whole module on blogs… I’m so grateful for this as I wouldn’t be sitting here explaining this to you now on my very own site.

I first started off with  HA! it’s still there.  I used this to post reviews of new music, and events alongside my youtube channel where I would vlog and still do occasionally to this day.

This helped create a strong identity as a music journalist which eventually lead to music interviews and presenting opportunities.

Whatever your interests are, whether its sports, current affairs, music, fashion or even gossip and entertainment, knowing your industry is important and creating a blog, youtube channel or podcast is a great way to exercise this and make a name for yourself.

Creating vlogs and podcasts is also great practice for speaking to the camera and speaking on the radio at home or in a studio. Trust me I spent a lot of time in my bedroom recording my self on my phone, a flip camera/digital recorder and practising my “own shows” that broadcast to NO – ONE lol.

TIP 3.

Look it’s 2018 and going back to my first step, sometimes you’ve got to do it yourself!
There are so many talent videographers, editors, producers and more creatives out there starting out just like you so I definitely think it’s worth a shot, getting together and creating your own opportunities.

I first joined Link Up TV in 2010, when it was a youtube channel on the rise, and perhaps it was just great timing and GOD that lead us to work together.

A year into working together I produced and presented my own show called The Remel London Show with Link Up TV. This was so much fun and really boosted my brand and experience with stars such as Wretch 32, Krept and Konan and more making appearances on the show.

I then went on to produce my own event The RateMePlz Show which started off as a podcast and developed into a live event.



And I also took it a step further with The Show Room. My 1st live entertainment show! Yep, I’m a bit of a busybody. Although it takes a lot of work to produce shows yourself it’s a great way to build content for a showreel and get your name out there.

If you have an idea for your own show find a team and start creating it /Or Work with an online company as a presenter.

It doesn’t have to be as flamboyant as what I’ve done… I clearly like big tings, extra work and had an amazing team around me who all volunteered their time which I am forever thankfulfor!

so I suggest the same to you. If you can find friends or other creatives that are happy to film with you GO FOR IT!


TIP 4.

I’ve always been a believer in networking and gaining experience from your networks.
When I returned to London from University, I knew I needed to get to meet all of the key influencers in the music and media industry.
I attended music showcases like I LUV LIVE which was filled with industry names, I went to networking events for creatives such as Industry Takeover by Urban Development and I introduced myself to as many people as I could, let them know who I was, my ambitions as a presenter and kept in contact. That’s it!
Ok… I know it’s easier said than done, and some of those contacts weren’t always great lol but it was a step in the right direction.
And there’s a handful of people that I will never forget who listened to my… I guess you can say presenter pitch, remembered me and offered to help with work experience opportunities, references and just a friendly face or ear when I saw them next.

If it wasn’t for networking and meeting people I wouldn’t have gained my first few work experience and job opportunities with organisations such as Bigga Fish, I LUV LIVE, Urban Development, BANG Radio, Choice FM, Capital FM and BBC Radio 1Xtra and SKY 1.

Contact tv/ radio or events companies for work experience (runner jobs) but do bear in mind that a lot of these opportunities may not be paid opportunities but are always INVALUABLE.

I would suggest asking to meet industry professionals for a coffee and advice. This can also lead to work experience shadowing opportunities and more.

HOWEVER, please remember these people are very busy and may not always have the time to help you… I’m being brutally honest here, they also don’t need to help you. Be patient and polite. There’s persistence but there’s also being annoying.


TIP 5.

Now I may be assuming… but if you’ve done some of the four previous tips you might be ready to put together a showreel.
A showreel is a 2-3minute edit of your best presenter bits. Like on Big brother when they get kicked out and show all the funny and embarrassing things the contestants did lol
These things really do come in handy and you should try and update yours as much as possible, to show off some more of your best bits right? I usually make a new Showreel every year but depending on how frequently you are working and how much content you have it’s totally up to you.

Once you have a radio or tv showreel consider sending it out to potential employers who run radio stations, online platforms or tv companies (usually contacting the executive producers, station managers is your best bet but everywhere is different so you may need to do some research on who the people at the top are).

Although this was my process into becoming a presenter I do believe everyone’s path is different… ask any presenter but if you believe in yourself, work at your craft and welcome opportunities to learn and gain experience you’ll go far!

I hope this has been helpful and feel free to share.


Good Luck