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TOP 5 TIPS: My first time as a Solo Traveller!

August 6, 2019 | by Remel London

This year I turned 30 and I stepped out of my comfort zone by booking my first ever Solo Holiday abroad! Negozio di integratori – Bodybuilding e nutrizione fitness – USA-4U medical acquistare test p online in italia bodybuilding lasix.

Now here’s the thing, I’ve got friends, family and a lovely boyfriend who all would have loved to come on this trip with me, but the dates weren’t working out and I was desperate for a luxury holiday, so there’s no time like the present. I didn’t know when would be the next time I would be able to travel with a busy summer ahead so I went for it!

As you can imagine I got a lot of mixed reviews about travelling solo mainly because people thought it wasn’t safe and as I chose Barbados it was so far away…. 8 hours by plane and a 5 hour time difference!

But I really wanted to go somewhere that I could switch off, relax and do something different. You see the thing about being a freelance presenter is that sometimes it feels like you are always giving yourself and your time to others. I mean don’t get me wrong I love doing what I do, but I provide a service which is to talk to, encourage, report and share other peoples news, its fun but it can be exhausting always giving your energy to others. And also although I have recently started travelling with work and with teams you don’t always get time to yourself while you are away or any real-time to enjoy where you are, so it was a trip but a work trip can be super tiring!

As much as I love being around people, asking questions and finding out interesting things about others, I also LOVE to have me time and SHUT THE HELL UP!!! I talk for a living and I’m an only child… I’m actually happy to sit in a room by myself, eat alone, go out on an excursion by myself… it’s all good! Independent woman out here! I felt like Dora the explorer all grown up lol!


But honestly this was the most empowering thing I could have ever done and I highly recommend not only travelling solo at least once in your life but heading to the beautiful island of Barbados it was so rewarding. I felt like I stepped into a new level of womanhood by knowing how to look after myself, not relying on anyone for my happiness and it was the biggest pat on the back and celebration of my success that I could treat myself to a special holiday like this!

Take a look at my top 5 tips for a first-time solo traveller!

Thank you to all of the team at Bougainvillea Barbados , SunTours Barbados  and Cool Runnings Barbados, for making it an unbelievable trip!

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