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Tribute to Bob Marley – New Music @StyloG ‘Call Mi a leader’

September 9, 2014 | by Remel London

Stylo G is back with another bound to be big hit! Now I know what the original Stylo fans might be thinking? Huh? This is Call mi a Yardie but they changed the title to Call me a leader and sampled Bob Marley’s classic hit Could you be loved… Well Yeah you’re right that’s exactly what it is.

But I saw Stylo perform this earlier this year in Brighton at The Great Escape festival, I didn’t have a clue it was his next single, I thought it was just a clever ploy to attract fans of Bob Marley, give something a lil old skool from Stylo and revive a Bob Marley track…. well yeah I think I’m right this time too lol.

Whatever the aim of the song is, it’s catchy as hell and has a reminiscent feel for old Stylo G fans and of course our aunties and uncles will be swaying back into their rare groove shoes thinking of the good old Bob Marley days!

Hence the reason why I think this will be a hit! Simply something for everyone!

I can’t wait to see what Stylo does next! He’s such an incredible performer with lots more to offer!
CALL MI A LEADER’ is out on 3 Beat on November 9th 2014!