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Vote for Remel London as BEFFTA awards 2012 “BEST PRESENTER”

October 8, 2012 | by Remel London

2012 has been a great year for me so far, I’ve got 2 great jobs in some of the best radio stations in the UK and I’ve been working hard as a radio presenter on and i’ve been in production with some amazing television production companies such as MAMA youth project, MTA productions and Phoenix media as well as my amazing family  Link Up TV.

I love working on all of these projects but it’s great to get the recognition as well, and so i am very proud to say that i have been nominated as the BEFFTA Awards 2012 BEST PRESENTER.

I’d like to thank everyone that nominated me and then extend my thanksgiving by asking that you all help me with this new campaign to vote for me.

All voting can be made online

It’s just 5 easy steps

1.Enter your name

2.Enter your email address

3. Click on the Nomination category  drop down menu and find “TV 6: Best presenter”

4. Click on the Nominee  drop down menu and find “Remel London'”


And thats it’s hey presto a vote for me.

Voting ends on 21st October 2012


When you have voted for me send me a quick tweet saying “I’ve just voted for @Remel_London  as the BEST PRESENTER for 2012” so I can share my thanks and appreciation.

once again thank you for continually showing me support.