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#WhatIWore: Episode 2 of What’s Up TV

January 16, 2017 | by Remel London

I’m back with another What I wore… on the latest episode of What’s Up TV.

You will soon notice I have a massive obsession with off the should tops, dresses and body suits… but damn it they are so cute!


Jumpsuit : Boohoo
Shoes : Primark
Make Up by : Emma Mcrae

This is actually my favourite episode on the show as it was super cute and cheap and cheerful and that might come in handy for everyone as apparently today is Blue Monday…. this is because it’s the 3rd Monday in January and everyone is broke and feeling sad about it!

not that deep

Seriously guys it’s not that deep, I feel your pain but we can get through this.

If you can’t you can catch up with Episode 2 on demand on SKY, NOW TV and virgin.

What’s Up TV is on every Saturday at 11.30am on SKY 1!