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Why I love “Ben Pearce – What I Might Do” OFFICIAL VIDEO

October 16, 2013 | by Remel London

This video is awesome! Now I know you might be thinking, Remel have you lost your mind, nothing is happening… but that’s the beauty of it! We’re introduced to a few quirky characters of ¬†different ages, races and genres and it progressively shows them express their un-controllable BRUCK DOWNS to this infectious beat! I WISH I WAS THERE!

This song first came to mainstream attention when Tesco’s released it a few months ago to promote their autumn clothing line with a few well dressed dancers …


My first thoughts were RAH…. TESCO’S THIS IS SICK… and I’m guessing everyone had the same thoughts as now the track which originally was released last year as an underground track, is now at the forefront of the music scene with regular plays on mainstream commercial radio stations!

What I might do is available for release on Monday 21st October and you can BUY IT HERE

p.s i have a bone to pick with Noisey, they gave the official exclusive of this video on their youtube channel, so i couldn’t post it, but luckily this copy is equally beautiful!