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Will the Celebrity Big Brother housemates do anything to stay in the house? SEX SELLS?

January 7, 2014 | by Remel London

I Stopped watching big brother a good few years ago. No Davina, No Channel 4, ANNOYING HOUSEMATES, there was just no point fr me. However, every year  I at least stop by to see who’s in the house for Celebrity big brother and boy they definitely have an interesting bunch.

celebrity big brother

Evander Holyfield | Sam Faiers | Dappy | Lee Ryan | Luiza Zissman | Linda Nolan | Lionel Blair | Liz Jones | Ollie Locke | Casey Bachelor | Jasmine Waltz | Jim Davidson |

12 housemates all from different walks of life, and they all seem to have one thing on their minds…. SEX! I’m not quite sure if they have realised but they are on camera, 24 /7.

Evander Holyfield has already been warned and had a lot of backlash about his “It aint right” comments towards same sex relationships and gay boxers.

Dappy explained he uploaded his HUGE DING -A-LING picture to prove sex sells to help his single reach number 1 last year, and ever since everyone in the hous seems to want to express themselves.

I don’t know if it’s the Hand cuffs got everyone a bit kinky, but aapparently the bosses are in shock and don’t know what to do with Jasmine who has been mis-behaving with Dappy, Lee and Casey who seem to think this is Match-makers live, who really enjoyed being hand-cuffed to each other and Luisa, who has finally broken free from the Champ to try and get off… i mean get in on some of the action with Dappy & Jasmine.

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Have they forgotten they have only been in there for 4 days and should we remind them THEY ARE CELEBRITIES lool well supposed to be.

Why is there so much sexual tension in the Celebrity big brother house?

Will they do anything to stay in the house?

Are they that desperate tO re-claim their disappearing fame? SMH