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Meet Remel London at Thinking out Loud Black History Month Conference

October 2, 2017 | by Remel London

In honour of Black History Month I am very excited to be taking part in the Thinking Out Loud Black History Month Conference.

The theme of this conference will be connecting powerful black women and men through experiences and love for each other. The conference will feature some of the most inspiring and motivating women and men in London.

The conference is about changing our negative perceptions of self and gaining a-go getter attitude – ‘It’s not who is going to let me, but who is going to stop me?’

The conference will explore self-worth and its meanings. It will give us an understanding of why some women and men feel like other people’s worth, somehow takes away from theirs. It will explain why the most important thing we wear as black people is our confidence. Why our beauty is not to be hidden by the external things we do, but to acknowledge that we are beautiful without them, and we should use the eternal things to further enhance the beauty we already are.

We will be reminded that we cannot fight, hate or be envious of one another, but celebrate each other’s successes, lift and motivate other women to be the best that they can be.

What will be at the conference:

* Guest Speaker

* Photographer

* Three Course Meal

* Alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages

* Free goodies


For tickets CLICK HERE