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3 soul – FULL songs to ease you into the weekend!

January 21, 2017 | by Remel London

Hey You!
You got through Blue Monday, a super frosty week and the Inauguration of Donald Trump KMT.

So I’ve picked out 3 tunes to ease you into the weekend and add some VIBS! (I like saying vibs lol)

  1. Ray Blk – Patience ( Freestyle) 

3 weeks into the new year and Ray Blk is absolutely killing it as the newly crowned BBC Music Sound of 2017!

Of course she hasn’t disappointed with a brand new track entitled Patience which is exactly what we need to deal with all of our political dramas!

2.Chloe Martini ft Chiara Hunter –  Change of Heart 

Next up is a brand new song that is screaming THIS WAS MADE FOR YOU all over it!

Producer and artist Chloe Martini this week released ‘Change of Heart’, featuring Chiara Hunter.

It’s soulful, it’s fun it’s getting me gassed!

3. A.O.S.O.O.N – High Grade ( Wookie Remix) 

And finally this song will FOREVER be getting a pull up in my car!

It came out in 2016 as a soul/ RnB track but Wookie added a lil sauce and created an absolute banger! I officially can not wait for the summer to play this song nice and loud!

I hope you enjoy your weekend and these tunes. Feel free to let me know what you think.