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5 reasons you NEED to go to Hot Since 91!

January 30, 2017 | by Remel London

Hot since 91

I’m not one to toot my horn about my weekend, but honestly people haven’t stopped asking me about where I was and it was SUPER SICK so I thought I would give you the full deets!

I was invited to the 2nd Year Anniversary of Hot Since 91 on Friday night!

If you’re wondering what that means it’s quite simply a retro-themed night out packed full of old-school goodness.

My first experience of Hot Since 91 was in January 2016. I really had no idea what to expect and went last minute with the homies as it was Friday and I didn’t wanna be a loner at home.

When I got there I fell madly in love with the event. As someone that goes to a lot of events without sounding boujee it’s often quite hard to impress me, but they had everything!

Since then I wouldn’t say I’ve become a regular ( as NOT EVERYDAY RAVE lol) but if I’m in need of a good night out it’s definitely my number 1 destination!

Hotsince 1
Hot Since 91 2nd Year anniversary at The Grand

I can honestly say at the 2nd year Anniversary I was absolutely blown away by how far the event has come. I was snapping away on Instagram and Snapchat all night and never before have so many people said “Where is that? … It looks LIVE” so here are 5 reasons why you have to check out Hot Since 91!

  1. The Karaoke is JOKES!

Hosted by the hilariously talented Reuben Christian, the night kicks off with the very best and very worst Karaoke. If you want to get involved you have to get there early and sign up. Now you’re probably thinking “Nah I don’t do karaoke” and yeah I was exactly the same the first time I went. But after a few drinks and when you see how bad some people are it becomes infectious and the nerves ease away! TRUST ME you have to try it!

2. The After party

DJ ruff n tuffIt’s Pukka! Got to use some old skool lingo to explain because I didn’t realise how much I LOVE old skool music lol.

Once the Karaoke is all done and dusted, we get TURNT all the way up!


From Old Skool hip hop, to bashment to cheesy pop. Expect Busta Rhymes, Usher, Bell Biv Devoe even Tom Jones the vibe is sooooo good!

S/O to Dj Ruff n Tuff for Holding it doooowwwn!!!

3. Fancy Dress

I’ve never been one for Fancy dress but when it’s 90’s themed it’s kind of easy breezy. I honestly think the 90s was the most comfortable era of fashion lol

You’ve got crop tops, MC hammer pants, dungarees, baggy jumpers it’s pure comfort to be honest.

So if you are planning on going get your 90s get up ready. But even if it’s not for you the key is to be comfortable and have fun!

4. Extra treats

photo booth

I can’t lie I’ve been re-freshing my email all weekend waiting for my photobooth pics haha

As if enjoying the night wasn’t enough it comes with so many extra goodies! One being the Photo booth which basically felt like a time machine. There is also a games room/ section with CLASSIC computer games, connect four, jenga and more. Oh and don’t forget the free fried chicken and Candy floss! Can it get any better?

5. Nostalgia

I think the best thing about Hot since 91 is that Nostalgic feel good feeling you get.

As soon as you walk in to the venue it’s like the ultimate trip down memory lane. The props, the music, the outfits and even the team behind it all, who always make sure you’re having a good time!

I’ve gassed it up enough I’m sure, so if you’re on it see you on the dance floor at the next one!