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5 Reasons you should listen to The Mainstream Podcast?

January 3, 2021 | by Remel London


Let’s talk about The Mainstream media!
I for one have been in the industry as a broadcaster for 10 years! If you count me going to Uni and graduating it’s 13 years… Better yet… if we think back to when I first realised I wanted to be a presenter and started hosting shows and looking for work experience at around the age of 15… that makes it over 15 years. *insert gasp*  Does that even count? LOL Anyway, I guess you can say it’s been quite a journey and a huge dream of mine to make it in the UK as a TV and Radio Presenter on in the Mainstream media world!

They say it takes 10 years to be an overnight success… I’ll wait lol
Nah I’m joking, but I do admit I’ve done well for myself, I’ve hustled and put in the work to earn my own radio show on National radio at Capital Xtra and by hosting 2 National TV shows on SKY One with What’s Up TV and most recently on SKY Arts with Unmuted!
I’ve definitely made 15 year old me VERY proud actually, but I’ve also got my heart set on doing more and breaking more barriers!

I get asked all the time how did I get into the industry, so I decided to make it interesting. I’ve interviewed some of  my friends from TV, Music, Comedy, Film and more to share their journeys on The Mainstream podcast, so here are

5 things to expect and reasons why YOU should listen to #TheMainstream Podcast! 

1. We’re unapologetic!
For anyone that want’s to get into the mainstream media world, we have to be honest with you, it’s tough! There are broke times, frustrating times, doubtful times and also the worst times where you might want to give up completely, but our Mainstream guests kept it 100 throughout the podcast! Vick Hope talks about sleeping on radio studio floors so she doesn’t miss a show, Scarlett Douglas talks about the highly critical world of musical theatre, Mim Shaikh recalls wanting to change paths from radio to acting, there’s a lot of risks but in the end a lot of gains!

2. We’re proudly talking about Representation in the mainstream and why it matters!
All 2020 I was screaming “Representation Matters” And we really went there talking with Mandeep Dhillon about avoiding being typecast as “The Asian girl”, Scarlette Douglas made a CALL TO ACTION for more Black Women in TV, The cast of Rocks discussed developing their characters to show what being an authentic young Black and Muslim girl really looks like, it was beautiful!

3. What you should know before you get into the mainstream!
Whew chile LOL this one cut deep with a lot of the guests! I asked them all what they wished they had known before getting into their chose profession, Vick Hope talks saving for your TAX (VERY IMPORTANT), Mim Shaikh talks about how important his student radio experience at Leeds Uni was for his career, and pretty much everyone spoke about how much work they had to put in to get to where they are today!

4. Everyone’s journey is Different!
Before I even go into this I need to give you this quote, ‘Comparision is the thief of joy!’ Stick this on a post-it note somewhere this needs to be an affirmation because we’re all different! Don’t watch nobody lol
Mandeep Dhillon explained how she overcame anxiety on set, Scarlett Douglas made a huge career move as a full-time performer,  featured as a dancer on Ant and Dec’s shows but then became a TV presenter with their advice and key intros in the TV industry, and Aaron Roach Bridgeman worked with young people but entered a presenter search, won and kickstarted his career as an established documentary maker and we all loved seeing Kayode Ewumi go from the viral Hood Documentary star to a comedic writer and lead in his own BBC commissioned comedy series Enterprice!
Everyone’s journey is different so go and create your own lane!

5. Top 5 tips
All of the Mainstream guests killed this part of the talk.
Some gave more than 5 tips even, Mo Gilligan was on a roll! So get your notepad and pen ready because these are GEMS!!!

So in case you missed it, this is your re-introduction to the podcast!
Welcome to #TheMainstream!


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