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Adam Deacon wins rising star prize at the Bafta awards

February 13, 2012 | by Remel London


Star of films great youth inspired films such as Adulthood and Anuvahood, Adam Deacon finally got the recognition he has been working towards last night at the Bafta Awards, by picking up the rising star prize.

It is wonderful to see as he politely put ” The Underdog” get the recognition that they deserve as a minority actor in the British film industry.

He ¬†went on to explain “10 years ago I was living in a hostel with nowhere to live,” he said. “It was a dream.”

“It was always one of these things where you keep working and it keeps getting one step better and better until this has happened.

“It’s acceptance and a kind of a pat on the back by Bafta.”

I totally agree and hopefully this award will encourage a lot more youngsters with talent to get into acting.

No offence but I want to see more young talented black, asian and other ethinic minorities on our screens portrayed in the right way. Not just crazy “Killer” pastor Lucas or Gus the sweeper in Eastenders.