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Adots Apprentice : Whats that Smell? Episode 1

January 21, 2014 | by Remel London

The Christmas and New Years teasers are over and were off to the start of an hilarious comedy journey, as episode 1 of Adots’s Apprentince has landed.
Created and Directed by Sebastian Thiel and starring A dot Comedian, with a number of notable comedians and actors, I’m excited to see how far they will develop the Sir Alan Sugar reality gameshow for our comedy entertainment.

This is a brilliant idea and just what the UK film industry needs, fresh creative ideas and giving us something they know we will like with a twist. The cast is already filled with some of the best up and coming talent and personally some of my favourite UK comedians, such as Simply Andy, KG the comedian and off course A Dot, and it has been givven an extra creative flair co- written by multi-talented songstress Dionne Reid and comedian and actor extraordinaire Babatunde Aleshe. I look forward to seeing how the plot will unfold and who will get closer to becoming Adot’s Apprentice each week.