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Ant & Dec No.1 in the Itunes Charts with Let’s get ready to Rhumble! Musicians what do you think about that?

March 25, 2013 | by Remel London

I’m completely in shock! Ant & Dec or should I say PJ & Duncan are at the top of the iTunes download chart with their 1994 track Let’s get ready to Rhumble!

Now What I want to know, is what do the current UK artists that are hustling and grinding think of this?

The presenting duo Ant & Dec are back on our TV screens every weekend for The Saturday Night Take Away Entertainment Show.

The two have had a very impressive career, from acting to presenting, recently winning The best Presenter award at The National Television Awards for the 12th year in a row!

But now it seems they have traded in the Number one presenter spot for Number 1 spot in the charts?

They performed their 1994 hit Let’s get ready to rhumble as a one off comedy feature on their show over the weekend as they welcomed The ITV1 Big reunion stars to the stage… but instead have stolen the limelight and even though they continue to proclaim they didn’t mean for this to happen. IT’S DEFINITELY HAPPENING!

What are your thoughts?

Is this fair?

Why does the UK support a gimmick but not real music?

Is TV to blame?