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#BlackGirlProblems : Why I Cut my hair

September 2, 2016 | by Remel London


I cut my hair! I’ve pretty much been growing my hair for 27 years and I cut it 2 weeks ago today! What was I thinking?

Since I can remember I’ve always wanted long luscious hair!

It was a bit of an obsession. I remember as far back as my reception class, I was about 5 years old and I had a beanie hat that had hair attached – it sounds crazy now but I absolutely loved it!
Here’s an example…


So obviously I was at big school now, making my own decisions dressing myself for school and all sorts ( actually I’m not sure about that lol) but I had it in my mind that I could get away with wearing the hat as my hair. I sat down on the mat with the rest of my  reception class and planned to go ahead with my day as usual. I honestly thought I would get away with it… until Mrs Sullivan ( Yes I remember her name) asked me to remove my hat… I asked “what hat?” she said “the one on your head” hahaha. I can laugh now but I was so disappointed that my master plan didn’t work.

Looking back at the moment what’s disappointing now is that I clearly wanted to even pretend that I had long hair. I guess most of my adult life I’ve continued the pursuit of long hair with my weaves, braids and extensions.

But to be honest, I’ve never been ashamed to wear a weave or extensions but the downside is I’ve never been proud to show off my own hair either.

Secondary school is where I realised I disliked my hair. I was teased for having “nappy” hair, overlooked by the boys who seemed to be attracted to the girls with the slicked down sides and although my friends were trying to be helpful, it drove me nuts when they constantly suggested ways that I could “look better” by doing something different with you guessed it… MY hair.

Once I left secondary school, I found my own confidence and actually didn’t mind getting advice from my friends, after all that’s what they are there for.  Since then I’ve experimented quite a lot with different styles using weave and fallen back in love with braids.

However it’s not all fun and games when it comes to my hair. Of course being a presenter means my hair is quite a vital part of looking presentable and I’ve had to grow some thick skin over the years due to some not so nice comments made about my hair.

In the past I’ve been critiqued by youtube trolls, TV producers who I’ve worked with, stylists, etc.  Contrary to that I’ve also been told I don’t stand out enough and look too “normal” for example not having piercings, tattoos and crazy colours in my hair. There’s no silver lining as I’ve also had my fair share of “Why do you wear a weave? …. don’t you like your natural hair? …. How long is your hair anyway?”  euurrgghhh I’m honestly sick of talking about my hair.

rolls eyes gif

But if you can’t stop them join them. I thought it was about time I gave everyone something to talk about and change is good!

I did the big chop… AND I LOVE IT!!!

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Everyone keeps on asking me why I cut my hair…. and honestly there isn’t a more simple answer other than BECAUSE I WANT TO! (No Billie Piper ha!)

In the two weeks since I’ve had the chop I’ve learnt that

  1. Some people are just plain rude and don’t know how to react to change – if you don’t like my hair SHUT UP!
  2. I need to learn to style my hair ASAP
  3. Hair care advice is always welcome – just don’t tell me how hard it will be to look after my hair – thats not helpful

Here’s a cool link I found really helpful for initial hair Do’s & Don’ts

I’m really excited about my hair journey and I will be doing occasional blogs and vlogs!


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