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@Bodhi_music vs @GeorgeThePoet – My City

July 4, 2014 | by Remel London

I LOVE MY CITY! lol You probably think I’m talking about London… no well that’s obvious! On this occasion I love the recent release from George The poet with Bodhi called My City!

You all know I love house music, so to my surprise whilst listening to Radio 1 waiting for an Izzy Bizu track, I automatically recognised the smooth tone of George The Poet on this impeccable instrumental!

I can honestly say I knew George had a lot of things up his sleeves but this one brought a smile to my face and almost contagiously I was skanking around the room lol.

It’s almost fate, as I had the pleasure of attending an amazingly inspiring event headlined by George that night and was so pleased and engaged by his amazing story of turning his love of music, rap and poetry into his direction in life. Using his amazing talent and the power of spoken word is allowing him to make a change and slowly but surely is becoming an important figure and influence on social issues and the need for change. This is just beautiful!

He has an EP chicken and the egg due for release this summer as well as a book, inspirational workshops and so much more!

I’m so excited for George and I need to hear more! SERIOUSLY THIS IS TOO GOOD!

I’ve gotta say I’m learning more and more everyday Bohdi is DOPE! He’s even cooler to me as I know he is a certified bad man releasing this only on Vinly! WOOOIIIII!!!! lol