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Date Night Destination… Alcazar Lounge

May 14, 2017 | by Remel London


I had the pleasure of spending my Friday night at what I believe is the NEED TO KNOW date night destination!

The Mr and I decided to leave the car at home so we could make the most of the cocktails haha and experience the Alcazar Lounge.  The nearest station is Hammersmith which allowed us to enjoy a gorgeous walk across Hammersmith Bridge which kick started the evening!

Alcazar Lounge

Upon arrival the staff were all so welcoming and we got straight in there by ordering the strongest drinks on the menu ZOMBIES!  IMG_3770 This was followed by a delicious platter for two which included Lamb chops, King prawns, Chicken wings, Calamari, rice, chips and salad. The King prawns were out of this world and orgasmically good and I stuffed my belly to satisfaction. IMG_3782


Next on the menu was the main attraction the Shisha!

Alcazar Lounge is in fact London’s FIRST E-Shisha lounge that offers a modern take on traditional Shisha by using revolutionary technology.

I haven’t had the best experiences with Shisha, as in the past I’ve lost my voice from inhaling too much coal/smoke, haven’t been able to taste ANY of the flavours and I’m not a fan of tobacco and nicotine as I don’t smoke. However, Alcazar offers premium E-Shisha with an endless range of flavours, the option to remove nicotine, alter strength levels and blow huge clouds without inhaling harmful toxins of conventional Shisha.

We went for Blue Mist which tasted beautiful… yes that’s right I could taste it and enjoyed!

ENJOYMENT! Look at me go! lol


IMG_3785It was such a good night, it’s young and modern with a touch of class which any young couple or group of friends would love. And honestly they thought of everything, in between waiting for meals and drinks orders, there was a pack of cards left on the table for our entertainment. It’s just a subtle thing, but it can really keep the social vibe going.

And wooped Coryell’s butt at Blackjack haha!


Overall, Alcazar Lounge is a great location to hang out, enjoy a date night or even celebrate a birthday as they have exactly the right balance of food, fun and fabulous vibes!

Check them out on there website which includes the full food and Shisha menu and deals! They have an incredible 50% off discount for students so check it out!