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Leanne Robinson NEW MUSIC – He​avy (AUDIO)

October 10, 2013 | by Remel London

Leanne Robinson is back in the studio and going in HEAVY with new music! ( Please excuse the cheese but it sounded good lol )

You may remember leanne from her time on the X Factor in 2012. she made it to the “Judges houses”, Tulisa’s so called house in St lucia *rolls eyes*, and trust me everyone was routing for her but Tulisa decided her time was up and cut her weeks before the live finals!

Leanna determed not to give up dropped an EP called Exhibit A and now seems to be on a new chapter for 2013, Exhibit B, due for release December 1st.


Here is her first single off of the new EP, which has a dirty diana type guitar flow and flawlessly powerful vocals! Have a listen for yourself!

This sounds like it will AMAZING LIVE! Im looking forward to the EP!