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@LinkUpTV captures the famous @KanyeWest rant at @WirelessFest

July 7, 2014 | by Remel London

I’m guessing the Kanye West Rant is a part of his set when he performs. I thought once he got married he would stop being so angry, but no once again Kanye West melodically displayed another set of Rants at this year’s 2014 Wireless Festival.

Another year has passed and I’ve missed another big event… I just can’t bare to buy £80 tickets per festival  lol I just  can’t afford this lifestyle lol and again I missed out on press tickets so I’m here recapping via video lol

Linkuptv captured the infamous rant and I must say I love what Kanye had to say. We all want to be somewhat Rich and famous and think it’ll be an awesome time at the top we’ll be be sties with the big wigs and we won’t have to worry about anything. But Kanye keeps it 100% real. He has a weird way of expressing himself but it’s bloody interesting and eye opening! The London crowd weren’t too impressed as he name dropped Nike, louis Vuitton and Gucci, he explains he’s not dissing but everyone caught on to the indirect disses and threw some shade back in his face with some serious boo-ing but never the less they listened, i’m listening now and I commend him for making this apart of the show which don’t forget was a combination of old and new bangers he still delivers a great show!

Let’s give the guy a break, he added a little reverb in the rant to make it sound a little nicer lol