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NAS IS back! New music, new video & new life with KELIS!

September 17, 2012 | by Remel London

Defo looking forward to seeing the rest of this video and more from Nas.

And it’s also nice to see that Nas is getting his life back on track.

I won’t lie i was starting to worry about the guy, not too long ago he was seen high in pretty much every interview and seemed to have A LOT of HATE for one of my fave singers Kelis ( I wasn’t impressed) but as well as getting back into the swing of music he’s also putting his differences aside and getting along with the ‘accapella’ singer for the sake of their son.

Not quite back together but they’re at least getting along! yay!

Check out the trailer for his upcoming release cherry Wine featuring a great collabo with the late amy Winehouse.