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NEW MUSIC : Charlotte Devaney – Bass Drunk ft. Fatman Scoop & Lady Leshurr

September 10, 2014 | by Remel London

All I can say is Lady Leshurr killed it to the point I wish it was her song!
When I first pressed play I wasn’t sure what I was getting mysself into, as I made the vital error of reading the youtube comments first, that can ultimately sway your opinion without even watching or listening. But Even though the comments read,

“I hope this was some parody of another song because this wasn’t enjoyable and was, in fact, almost cringe worthy.”
“This is actually the worst song ive ever heard…..”
I still pressed play.

To be honest it wasn’t that bad, Charlotte played the sexy singer role well and Fat Man Scoop, well he’s still the loud plus sized man, ( I can’t actually call him fat it’s rude!!) but I was only holding out to listen to Lady Leshurr, who like I said knew exactly what to do with the beat and gave a bass friendly attitude filled flow and I also was trying to figure out if they actually knew each other or just sent in their verses, shot individual shots and got on with their separate lives… but no again they proved me wrong with an – altogether now – club scene in the very familiar Plan B venue.

All in all the song isn’t a banger, but I’m sure it’ll do good across the student season with a number of nightclub bookings and who knows dance festivals and beyond!

Leshurr I watched this for you girl! Keep shining!